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Is Website Speed Important for Google SEO in 2021?

Is Website Speed Important for Google SEO in 2021?

Slow site speed can bring helpless web rankings and lower generally speaking webpage traffic.

December 8, 2020

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What is website speed and is website speed important for Google SEO in 2021?

If a customer were to sit down in their local restaurant, ready and waiting for their food but the waiter is not helpful and the food takes a long time, are they going to come back? Are they going to leave a good review? I don't expect so. This same theory can be applied to slow loading websites and online content. Visitors want it quickly, or they don't want it at all. So yes, in short website speed is important for Google SEO in 2021.

Site speed, or site execution, alludes to how rapidly a browser can load useful website pages from a given server. Inadequately performing website that load gradually can drive clients away. On the other hand, websites that load rapidly will regularly get more traffic and have better click rates.

Is Website Speed Important for Google SEO 2021

🤔 Why is loading time important for websites and their visitors?

As you will already know, first impressions count and slow impressions are not good ones! Your site's initial load is significant for deciding how your organisation and brand will be seen by the clients. Clients or site guests make a moment of judgment about the business based on their involvement in the site.

If you have a fast loading website, you'll instantly earn a small degree of approval from your new visitor. They'll unconsciously approve the website and begin venturing around your pages. A quick loading site intrigues the client and makes them feel fulfilled. Its basic brain research that clients accept that quick sites are more expert and trustworthy. People have been known to relate speed with proficiency.

Concurrently, a slow loading site is viewed as dangerous, deceitful and potentially harmful. When the clients fabricate this uninterested impression, it will be hard to keep them interested any longer.

82% of online customers have concurred that they won't visit a site on the off chance that they encountered even slightly slow speed and load time. Can you afford to lose 82% of your traffic?

We can help with this, and all points listed below - send us a message to get your website sorted before you begin to drop off the search engine! (click here).

👎🏼 Direct Impact on your SERP Ranking in Google.

Website speed dramatically affects your position in Google. Google has self-admitted that they need to guarantee that the website is very quick, efficient and profoundly helpful. Google has been utilising site speed as one of the key positioning signs in their calculation for the past 10 - 15 years! 🤯 The site speed uncovers how quick a site reacts to the web demands put by the clients. The Google suggested page load time for sites both on desktops and phones should be well under 3 seconds.

💬 Bad website load times (website speed) will drop conversion rates rapidly!

Various trials have demonstrated that the site speed directly affects the conversion rate of a website. Clients incline toward rapid sites when compared with slow-loading sites, bringing about higher conversions and higher session duration. Numerous organisations have encountered that even a decrease of a couple of milliseconds in the page loading brings about more conversions and longer time spent on their website.

👋🏼 Bounce rate - wave good bye to traffic early.

If you have a high bounce rate, this indicated that most visitors only see one page on your website (and not for very long) and then leave right away. It has been observed that clients close the window or leave the site when the page they wished to see didn't load inside a couple of moments.

📌 So then, what actually causes a slow website? Here are a few...

Page Weight: Enormous JavaScript documents, extremely large pictures and video content, weighty CSS records and so forth all wind up adding huge 'weight' to a site page, whereby influencing the load time. A website page which requires more assets will take additional time to load.

Network: On the off chance that you have prepared a lightweight website and are still experiencing slow load times, it may be due to the network being slow and unresponsive. The company network gear and the ISP administration quality hugely affect network availability. There are a few strategies like HTML & CSS minification and facilitating content with a CDN which results in web assets loading immediately, regardless of whether the network speed is bad.

Where your hosting is located: If your hosting provider is located far away, then the website has to go a lot further before it reaches your visitor. This results in slow loading speeds.

Slow hosting provider: Your hosting provider will have a huge impact on your website load time. If you'd like a fast host, the quickest available is CreateTheWeb (click here to view hosting). If you quote "ARTICLE" when contacting you'll get 25% off every month!

🤝 We all care about conversions and website performance.

There's some pretty strong proof supporting the hypothesis that page speed straightforwardly impacts conversions. First off, we can take a gander at the way that for every one-second postponement in page load, you possibly lose 7 percent of your chanced to generate a conversion. In the event that guests are waiting five seconds.

On the off chance that income doesn't make a difference to the accomplishment of your business, at that point you don't have anything to stress over. Nonetheless, for most of us, this kind of drop off in change is the stuff that "Shut for Business" signs are made of! Business numbers matter and each deal device must capacity at the most extreme potential to keep the numbers on the correct side of the line.

A couple of years back, before the requirement for speed was even such an issue, Amazon determined that simply a 1-second lull in page speed could cost them an astonishing $1.6 billion per year. Individuals love Amazon, and if the web-based business goliath isn't insusceptible to the harming impacts of moderate loading pages, at that point none of us are. It's critical to have a considerable amount of a similar ideas, execution, and support practices of goliaths like Amazon—they didn't develop to advertise initiative short-term, and they are consistently on the main edge of characterising site improvement.

You need to guarantee that you have great site speed so the potential clients don't lose interest and keep perusing your site. You will likewise have the option to improve your web crawler positioning with great page speed. Expectation all of you have perceived Why site speed is significant.

🚀 Need an instant fix? Can't afford to lose traffic and revenue?

Website speed is something we take extremely seriously for all of our website design and Google SEO clients. We understand the impacts of it and the frustration with getting it resolved.

Here at CreateTheWeb, we have the right hosting, tools and knowledge to deliver your website at a must faster rate to your visitors and customers.

On average, our site speed clients see a 50% - 400% decline in load time after we've completed our work.

Don't wait any longer, send us a message and get your issue resolved.

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With award winning results, we know how to efficiently grow your website’s traffic with SEO

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