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Web design payment plans.

We're very flexible. We have multiple payment options to allow your business to get started with a new website right away.

Regular plan.

A regular payment structure is our most common option for clients.

Before we begin, we invoice for a 50% (of the total) deposit to protect yourself, and our company. As soon as that's settled, we get to work on your website and complete it within 2 - 6 weeks (depending on the project).

Once complete and just before we put the website live, we issue our invoice for the final 50%. Once settled, we put the website live and we then only bill for our hosting and any domain fees.

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0% monthly repayment plan.

If you can't pay for your website in one payment, we offer monthly repayment plans at a 0% interest rate to help you get on your feet.

The only cost difference is an administration fee to cover our costs of setting up your website for gradual payments.

Our repayment plans are not handled by any outside credit or finance agencies. This allows for all new and old businesses to apply.

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No monthly cost plan.

We offer a "no monthly cost plan" that allows you to get a new website live and then forget about it. This includes all hosting and licensing fees!

We are able to do this by having specialised partnerships with our suppliers to allow for 10-year billing plans. So, for 10 years you'll have no costs or payments to make. Then after 10 years, you can either renew or have a new website designed at a discount.

That being said, don't be afraid of a large cost for a 10-year plan - that's not the case. Due to it being all paid at once, there's a heavy discount compared to paying for the services month by month for 10 years.

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