We're changing your hosting.

Find out more information about the new and updated web and email hosting services.

Over this festive season, we have a team of website hosting experts that are going to be migrating all of our client's web hosting services to a new, faster, more secure and more user-friendly server. 

We've spent years working with cPanel & WHM (what we currently use for your hosting) but we believe that it is time to move to a new and improved system that will benefit more of our clients.

This migration will happen between the 24th of December and the 1st of January. You will be notified when completed and all changes below will take effect from the 1st.

With this very crucial update to our hosting services, you may be affected in a variety of ways. For example, our pricing, disk quotas, bandwidth quotas, email quotas and more will be changing.

You can read a list of changes and updates that will come into place below...


1. Your mailbox password MAY change during this update. We will send you the new password (if it is updated) via WhatsApp, alternative email, text message or LinkedIn. Keep an eye out.

2. Your name servers and some DNS settings will be updated. If we do not have access to your domain, we will be in touch about updating your settings.

General changes:

• A modern and improved control panel for all our customers.

• You will be provided with a FREE nightly backup that is stored for 30 days.

• Have your data in the UK or the USA (you can choose!).

• Free Website Builder.

• You will now be able to access and manage you domain yourself if you would like.

• Two-factor authentication (2FA) is available for all logins.

• New security features include malware scanning, Auto SSL certificates, email scanning, 1 Tbps+ DDoS protection, web application firewalls, brute force login protection, and more.

• Due to the change of server, we will need to remove all "Renewable Hosting" badges and graphics from your websites.

High tech changes:

• Choose between Linux, Windows, Private VPS or Dedicated server.

• We will now have a load-balanced and redundant platform.

• A new and powerful content delivery network/CDN (included FREE).

• 100% SSD Storage.

WordPress changes:

• One-click WordPress Staging

• We will now offer WordPress specific hosting that is 48 times faster than other UK WordPress hosting.

• Website management options, so you can manage themes, users, plugins and more from your hosting control panel.

• If we previously provided free WordPress plugin updates, we no longer will, you are required to update and maintain your site yourself, or subscribe to our WordPress support package (here).

Quota changes:

• Any unlimited storage mailboxes will change to 10 GB mailboxes. This can be upgraded when needed (we have contacted all clients exceeding 10 GB already).

Pricing & package changes:

• All hosting packages and clients will be updated to a new price of £10.00 /month, this is now called our "Unlimited Hosting" Package.

• Any clients not currently paying for hosting will now be required to subscribe to our Unlimited Hosting Package (£10.00 /month).

• All clients paying annually for hosting, your annual renewal will be updated to £120.00/ year plus £100.00 /year if you currently pay for WordPress support (here).

• Mailboxes will be changed to £2.00 /month per mailbox (10 GB). Then, if you need more it's £25 /year per 10 GB extra.

Mailboxes will no longer be included within your web hosting plan, you must purchase them separately. You invoice will be updated if you have mailboxes active currently (£2.00 /per month per mailbox).

• All domains will now be billed at £45.00 /year - This includes full DNS management and domain management.

• All clients with hosting included within their marketing package will now have to pay for their hosting service separately.

To conclude...

If you have any questions about these changes, please let us know. This will come into place from the 1st and apply to ALL our web hosting customers.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any offers, promotions or discounts on the pricing listed above. Our new pricing has been carefully decided based on the market average.

If you are unhappy with our new hosting services, prices or any of the updates above, you are free to complete a cancellation form (here) and we will terminate your account as quickly as we can for you.