17. Social media management and digital advertising.

Please find all of our terms and conditions for this service below. You automatically agree to these terms when using, affiliating and purchasing our services.

17.1. Social media management service description. — Social media management is the overseeing, maintenance, updating and management of your social media accounts. The volume of these services depends on your agreed package.

17.2. 3rd party applications. — We may use third party applications to assist our team with managing, growing and advertising your social media accounts.

17.3. Publishing on your account. — Only team members of CreateTheWeb and our third party applications can publish to your social media platforms.

17.4. Liability:

17.4.1. We can’t be held responsible if any of your accounts are suspended, locked, banned, or offline.

17.4.2. We can’t be held responsible if any accounts decline in statistics.

17.4.3. We can’t be held responsible for any copyright breaches & violations.

17.4.4. We can’t be held responsible if comments, likes, or follows on your accounts are made to a minor, competitor, unwanted individual, organisation or entity of any kind.

17.5. Approval of the content. — We will provide you with a preview of the content that we plan to publish so that you can approve or deny it. If we do not receive confirmation within 48 hours of sending you the content, we will procced to publish it regardless.

17.6. Disapproved ADs. — If Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or any other advertising platform disapproves your AD and we are unable to get it approved, you are still required to pay your management fees.

17.7. Over spend. — If your campaign spends over the agreed monthly AD spend budget, we reserve the right to request the total spent over the original agreed amount.

17.8. Templates. — We may use graphics templates and designs created by third parties when developing your content.