19. IT support services.

Please find all of our terms and conditions for this service below. You automatically agree to these terms when using, affiliating and purchasing our services.

19.1. On-going fees. — You may be required to pay on-going license fees for various hardware of software that we deploy. If we do not make you aware of the cost initially, you may still be required to pay it regardless.

19.2. Issue fixing with no on-going support plan. — If you do not have an on-going IT support plan, you will be required to pay for our time to resolve any further issues experienced after 24 hours of deploying your new hardware, software or amending any problems. Our hourly rate for IT related services can vary (depending on the hardware, software and service) from 40.00 GBP to 140.00 GBP per hour.

19.3. Billing without resolution. — If we attempt to resolve an issue or deploy new hardware/software you are still required to pay for the time spent working on the related item if we fail to complete the job.

19.4. Continued issues. — If you experience any issues after we have concluded a job, you will be required to pay for any additional time spent resolving the problem.