18. CMS website hosting (hosting for website we have designed on Webflow).

Please find all of our terms and conditions for this service below. You automatically agree to these terms when using, affiliating and purchasing our services.

18.1. Design limitations. — You will be limited to very basic design updates. If you cannot update something through the control panel we provide you with, you must request a proposal from us to perform the updates for you.

18.2. Un-supported requests. — If you request the implementation of a feature after we have agreed on your project, and Webflow does not support it, you will not be entitled to any refund or cancellation of the project/contract.

18.3. Webflow's terms and conditions. — You agree to Webflow's terms of service when using their services (here).

18.4. Provider suspensions. — CreateTheWeb cannot be held responsible if Webflow suspends your account or website.

18.5. Provider offline. — CreateTheWeb cannot be held responsible if Webflow were to go offline or remove your web hosting services.

18.6. Lose of data. — CreateTheWeb cannot be held responsible if Webflow closes down and deletes your website or account without notice. You will not be eligible for another website free of charge.

18.7. Package changes. — We are entitled to change the pricing our our CMS website hosting at anytime.