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Why is my website showing as "in secure" or "not safe" (No SSL)

Please note that if you have recently activated a CreateTheWeb SSL certifcate for your domain, it can take up to 30 minutes to be installed across our load balancers.

Most Common: Your name servers arn't pointing to our server.

If your name servers arn't pointing towards our server, your SSL will not activate. Please ensure that you route your domain through our DNS server (via the name servers below) and then manage all your DNS records on our server.

Again, we are unable to provide you with an SSL certificate if your name servers are not pointed to our server. The only other option is to purchase a premium SSL (contact us for more information).

After an SSL has been installed successfully, the website still loads with an insecure warning.

If the website is now showing your certificate but still has an insecure warning, this is often caused by 'mixed content' on the website. This means there is content on the page that is being loaded through a 'http://' URL. For a webpage to be classed as secure, all content must be loaded over HTTPS. This includes external images, JavaScript and CSS. You should search the source code of your website to locate the 'http://' references and update or remove them.

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