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How do I activate my free SSL?

Every CreateTheWeb hosting package comes with a free wildcard SSL certificate, enabling you to use the more secure 'HTTPS' protocol to keep your site users secure. To activate the SSL, you’ll need to make sure you’ve pointed the domain name to our nameservers.

With that done, you need to:

  • Within Manage Services, select Manage Hosting.
  • Within Manage Hosting, select Manage on the hosting package on which you wish to activate the SSL
  • Under Security, click on the SSL/TLS icon
  • You will then see your domain name and an option to Activate Free SSL next to it - select this and the SSL will be applied to your domain
  • If you’d like all your visitors to use SSL connections (i.e. for HTTPS to always be used), simply select the Enable option at the bottom of the page​

Once the SSL Certificate has been activated, it will take up to 30 minutes to secure your website. This is due to the changes needed to be made on our load balancers.

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