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Terms & Conditions Reminder...

As listed in our agreed T&C's;

5.3. Cooling off costs after you have requested a cancellation.

As our services often overlap into the following month, any invoices that are due to be paid or sent to you within 30 days after your cancellation request must still be paid in full. This includes any monthly rolling services. If your invoice for next month is due to be sent to you in under 30 days, you will still be required to pay it regardless of wanting to stop our services. You do not have to have received our next invoice for this to apply. ** This does not apply for services with the title "TRS" clearly shown on the invoice, these are known as "trial services".*

For example, if you are billed for a monthly rolling service on the first of every month, and then cancel at any time in the month, you will be required to pay next months invoice even if you have not received it yet.

Thank you for sending us your cancellation request.

In the next 48 hours, our accounting department will email you with all the information you need about your cancellation and any remaining invoices that are due to be paid in the next 30 days.

If you need a cancellation moved along quicker, please call us;
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