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Move all of your marketing to one place.

It's much healthier to have all of your marketing efforts in one place. We will move all of your marketing over and take all of the heavy lifting off of you.

We ensure all of your important properties are transferred in a timely manner so you can get back up and running again quickly.
what's involved?

We put a strategy in place.

Before we move any of your marketing, we ensure a sustainable marketing strategy is in place to give your business a boost as soon as we take over.

A full deep dive audit.

The first step is to audit your current marketing platforms. We do an online deep dive to ensure that we don't miss any of your accounts or platforms, this protects you for future.

We build a schedule.

If your marketing activities are important and drive a large amount of your current traffic, we will ensure a time-sensitive schedule is put in place so you know what's happening and when it's happening.

Password & account recovery.

We understand that accounts and passwords can get lost. If that is the case, we will work with you to reset and recover those accounts and passwords.

How's it done?

We perform an audit on your current marketing channels to see what needs transferring and how long it will potentially take.

From there, we take management of all your current online profiles/accounts ready for you to run a campaign with us. We handle all communications with prior companies to make the transition seamless for you.

To note, we're happy to manage all of your marketing channels, even if you don't want to run any campaigns. Sometimes it's best to have them all under one roof for the future, ease of access and potential updates.

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