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Marketing FAQ.

We understand that you might have several questions about your new marketing campaign ran by CreateTheWeb. Below you can find some of the common questions we get and their answers.
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Why should you choose CreateTheWeb?

We have built up years of expertise in marketing and only pursue a very limited number of clients to ensure our focus and determination is not lost elsewhere.

We get involved with your business and like to understand exactly how you want your marketing to be seen by customers and clientele - We try our best to operate as if we were just down the corridor from you. We like to get involved in your business and work like we’re part of your team.

A campaign ran by an experienced marketing team based in the UK, can help keep costs down and improve your overall workflow as, after all, time is money. If you were to employ a dedicated in-house marketing team, you can expect an enormous overhead, unlike outsourcing to a fully developed agency with a solid infrastructure.

Can you show me some case studies?

Of course, we can! We display some of our recent client work on our website for all new visitors to look at. That being said, we can only show projects that we have had permission to show. Many of our campaigns are under NDA and we are not allowed to display them.

Click here to view case studies.

Can I pay when I get sales?

This is not a possibility, not can we offer any flexibility on this.

Unfortunately, this is not how marketing campaigns work, we bill for our time and experience.

How much will it cost me?

Marketing campaigns can have very different pricing points. A marketing campaign price/fee is determined by what you're looking for and how quickly you're looking to do it.

With advertising and social media campaigns, we generally request your desired budget. From there, we can inform you of what results you can expect to receive for that particular budget.

Am I guaranteed any results?

While we can always provide you with an accurate click and impression predictions right from Google, Facebook, Instagram and so on, we cannot give you a guarantee that any or a particular number of clicks, impressions or sales will be accumulated.

What we can guarantee is our dedication! We will do everything in our power to ensure your AD performs at it's best. It's in our best interest as much as yours!

Do I need to provide you with content?

If you'd like us to use very specific content, we'd be happy to use your own. That being said, we are happy to design and develop your content for you. We also develop all of the text copy ourselves.

We may require some guidance on what exactly you'd like to post, but we do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to making the content for you.

What email marketing software will be used?

You are required to provide the email marketing software. If you don't know where to start, we will help you setup and configure the account. We always advise our clients to use MailChimp.

How do you bill for paid and PPC campaigns?

For all paid advertising campaigns (PPC, PPI, PPE, etc), we request your desired AD spend budget for the campaign. From there, we can inform you of what results you can expect to receive for that particular budget.

Depending on your AD spend, the fees for our management, setup and success delivery will vary.

When do you bill me?

As with any online service in 2020, we have to invoice before your service starts. This is to ensure all costs for setting up and configuring your campaign are covered. Also, due to previous difficulties, we have to bill upfront to ensure we are protected before we get the bill for your advert from our supplier.

Unfortunately, we cannot make exceptions for this. Nor can we accept promises of large future campaigns or your logo looking good on our portfolio.

What do you need to run my social media?

The first thing we need when we run a social media management campaign is access to your business social media accounts.

With Facebook, you can add us as a manager to your business page, the same goes for LinkedIn.

On Instagram and Twitter, we will need your credentials. Twitter and Instagram do not offer any features to assign people as a manager, so our only option is to log in with your credentials. That being said, they are kept safe and secure at all times.

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