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To complete your website, we need all the relevant text copy and information about your business.

Text copy is used to sell your services to potential customers, inform people and fill out your website with useful content. Below you will find the required subjects that we need text content for. Please do not fall short with the amount of text you provide, we need as much as possible.

We also need some further information about you and your business.

You do not need to fill in all of the boxes but please fill in as much as you can!

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👋🏼 About you.

Who are you (as a business or individual)?

What's the history behind the business?

What's the main item that you'd like to tell your potential customers?

📦 Your services & products.

What services do you provide?

What do customers get with your services/products (i.e. services description)?

Who are your services for (age groups, businesses, etc)?

💸 Sales points.

What is your USP (unique selling point)?

Why do your customers choose you?

What separates you from the competition?

List 6 further selling points that customers receive when working with you.

What's your main call to action (book a class, contact, online sale, etc)?

📎 Figures.

Would you like to display pricing? If so, how much do your services/packages cost?

📬 Contact.

If you have a public address that you'd like on the website, what is it?

What's the best contact number?

What's the best email address?

What's your Instagram link?

What's your Facebook link?

What's your LinkedIn link?

What's your Twitter link?

😇 Other.

Please provide any further information about you and your business.

Thank you! 👏🏼

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