Billing & Accounts.

If you've received a bill and have some questions about it, you can likely find the answer on this page.

If you need any help related to billing and accounting, please email our accounting department and they will discuss the issue with you as soon as they can. But, we urge that you read everything on this page as it will likely address your questions and concerns.

You can contact our accounting department by emailing: with a description of your issue.

Bank payment details.

Your invoice should match the ending values below. Full payment account details are displayed on the email you received our invoice in and also displayed directly on our invoice.

Account Number: *****010
Sort Code: 6****4
Account Name: CreateTheWeb
Bank: Natwest

Or, you can make a payment online by clicking here.

Late payments.

We are and will be as fair as we possibly can with our overdue accounts. All of the following are listed on our terms & conditions, which you would have automatically agreed to when starting the work and/or services with CreateTheWeb.

If an invoice is outstanding (past the displayed due date on your invoice) for longer than 5 working days, termination of services may occur, you will receive 3 warnings before termination

If your invoice exceeds 30 days overdue, you will regrettably incur a +10% late fee (every 30 days) to cover the admin time taken to chase payment.

Common questions and answers.

Why have I received an invoice?

If you are one of our valued clients with a recurring service, you will have received your bill as your renewal is due. If you have requested a cancellation of this service but were within 30 days of the latest invoice being dispatched, you will still need to pay it (per our terms & conditions).

If you were a recurring client and you have had confirmation of the cancellation with no overdue balance, please ignore the invoice, our automated billing system will have sent it by mistake.

If you are not a recurring client, and you have received an invoice, it would have been proceed manually after we carefully assessed that the displayed balance is owed. Please ensure it is paid within the terms displayed on the invoice.

If you know nothing about the work or service listed on the invoice, please contact our accounting department and we will review the invoice.

You haven't started, why do I have an invoice?

Unless it's a deposit, all of our services require payment before we commence with the work or services. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any leg room with this.

Can I pay via credit card?

We cannot offer credit card payments for invoices lower than £150.00. All other payments must be made by bank transfer unless agreed otherwise.

Can I pay via cheque?

We do not accept any form of payment via cheque. If payment is made by cheque we will not be able to accept it under any terms.

How do I cancel my services?

If you'd like to cancel any services that we provide, we must receive a formal cancellation request which can be submitted by clicking here.

Why do you have new bank details?

For internal purposes, we may change our bank account information. We will let you know if this happens.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow delayed payments for this reason. Also, if you make a payment to the wrong bank account, you may be subject to pay your balance again to our correct bank account.

Why are my prices different to your website?

If we launch new services with different pricing plans and options, you are not entitled to receive any money back for services you have purchased from us previously with new lower/different price points.

Why has the monthly price changed?

We may change the price of any monthly services at any time with no prior notice. You must agree to our new prices to continue using our services. * This does not apply for re-payment programmes.

Why is there an additional cost?

Up to 14 days after the completion of your monthly service and/or project we are entitled to issue additional invoices if we evaluate that more time and funds have been invested into your project than we originally predicted.

I got no results, now what?

If the job or service that you have paid for (or you are due to pay for) is unsuccessful, you are still required to pay for our time/management fees and no refund will be granted.

Can I get a refund?

None of the services provided by us are refundable as they are classed as "Freelance work", not goods. You are paying for our time, therefore it is non-refundable. Any payments made to CreateTheWeb are non-refundable on any terms unless mutually agreed.

How long do you have to request a refund of a deposit?

A deposit refund request must be made within 7 working days of receiving our initial draft/first look for this to apply. (all criteria in point 4.2 of our terms ad conditions must be met to receive a refund).