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How to market a new product or service digitally

How to market a new product or service digitally

Marketing a new product is difficult, no matter the industry. If you want to get customers buying your products, you need a reliable strategy in place to make it onto the map.

November 14, 2020

Digital Advertising

Our specialist team has the skills to leverage the most powerful search engines and social media platforms to help grow your business efficiently.

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✏️ Get your branding perfect to market your product.

The primary and most important step of any new product is to get the branding and marketing materials on point, accurate and enticing. Your logo and artwork need to be excellent, and checks all of the boxes. Research your competitors and see how they brand their products. If you see something being used, that's been used for a long time, then it clearly works, or they would have disregarded it already.

product design to market a new product

🔍 Do the competitor research - you'll need it!

We always recommend, before generating a strategy for future endeavours, to research and analyse your competitors. Look at the marketing activities that they are pursing. Any marketing activities that they have been running for a long period of time are quite clearly effective, otherwise, they wouldn't still be running them. From there, duplicate their efforts and apply them to your new product/service.

competitor research

👀 You need eyes on your product digitally.

With any new product, it's not simply about pushing sales. In the beginning, it's largely about making your target market, across your target location, knowledgeable of your product and the advantages that it will bring to their life.

Your first goal should always be to get eyes on your product and get it in front of the appropriate people, in the right place. This can be achieved by long term social media management campaigns (or you could consistently post yourself) and a sustained drive to place your products in front of peoples eyes. Ensure that you are utilising all social media platforms, Google platforms and various other platforms that could generate reach and awareness. - From there, use those platforms to continuously push your product out there to the public. In the current day, there are many new and free options to market your product to a large audience if done correctly (we can help with this, contact us here). We would recommend spending some time and budget on building up your social platforms and generating interest/followers from your target market. Generating high quality, enticing content on a day to day basis for new potential customers to discover, will increase trust and discoverability.

With your social media content, it's advised to not simply post content selling your product, but content that will connect with your potential customers. Post content as to why your product will better their lives. Not only that but allow your content to connect with current world events.

🙋🏽 No sales? Give them away!

Another great way to generate awareness is via free/reduced cost samples. Allow potential customers/your target market to try and review your products to generate word of mouth and positive reviews. This is one of the older tricks in the book, but it works and very well.

how to market a new product

📈 Get an advert running! To boost your sales through digital marketing.

Once a healthy amount of awareness has been generated across the target location, we would recommend running an advertising campaign for a minimum of 90 days with a sufficient budget. For sufficient and long term results, we would never advise running an advert with an AD spend of lower than £400.00. Every industry across the world is extremely competitive, to keep up, you will need the budget to get the ball rolling. You can absolutely run an advert for below £400.00, but for long term results, we recommend considering it as a minimum.

Facebook and Instagram is a great place to start your adverting. You can use retargeting campaigns and lookalike audiences to build a strong, profitable campaign. These platforms also offer a great deal of awareness for minimum cost. This allows for more eyes on your product.

Also, we always recommend running a long term PPC campaign. Google is the biggest search platform in the world, and how most people find the product or service that they're looking for - utilise this by running an advanced campaign to get your product to the top of search engine results pages. You can read more about how to get started with an advertising campaign here.

how to market a new service

📧 Drop it into a mailbox.

We always advise clients to build up a solid email marketing list. Email marketing allows you to drive upsells, generate sales within promotion periods and more. You can do this by requesting permission from customers to send them marketing materials. You can also add a funnel to your website to collect email addresses.

Warm email marketing (when the client subscribes to your list) can be extremely effective as all of the contacts/leads within the list will already know about your product, this instantly skips the process of building potential customer trust and awareness. Once you have built a substantial list, we would recommend designing attractive HTML 5 email templates that can be used consistently across all of your email marketing activities. From there, regularly (but not too often) dispatch marketing materials to your customers and potential customers.

Email marketing can also be very effective for building up a great portfolio of reviews ⭐. Most potential customers will search for reviews on your product before placing an order. With email marketing strategies to get customers to place reviews on your product after the order has been delivered, you will build up a large amount of review very quickly.

email marketing for a new product
Otis Wilkinson
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🏆 Otis Wilkinson is a marketing specialist in south west of the UK. Otis is also a social media and digital advertising award holder. With years of experience in Google SEO, the Google algorithm, and social media, marketing came naturally to Otis.

Our specialist team has the skills to leverage the most powerful search engines and social media platforms to help grow your business efficiently.

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