Remote Support Desk.

In need of some help? We can resolve 90% of problems remotely. Follow the instructions below to get started.

On the phone with us?
Skip the steps and download.

Click here to download AnyDesk.

Step 1

Click the download link below to download AnyDesk. This is our trusted remote support app of choice. This will allow us to quickly and securely connect to your machine.

Download AnyDesk.

Step 2

Open the downloaded app on your machine. The AnyDesk app should then open as displayed below:

Step 3

We will now need your desk ID. This is displayed where the arrow is pointing below. It will be a 9 digit number.

After providing your number, you will need to accept our connection request. Then, we can get started!

Once we're finished, you're free to delete AnyDesk.